Available kittens & Waiting list


Available kittens & Waiting list (Updated 17/3/2020)

Please note, all kittens may be placed under evaluation by the breeder up until 4-6 weeks of age, however will possibly become available at an earlier time.

Updated 17/3/2020

Ava & Bolt.  Born 22/11/19

1)  Silver boy reserved for Nadine

2)  Silver girl reserved for Suzanne

3)  Silver girl retained by Alkala Bengals Australia 

4)  Silver boy  reserved for Jasmine

Joining the waitlist is the best way to secure a kitten including any preferences you may have with sex and colour. As you can see most kittens are allocated prior to birth or conception. There are a maximum of four wait list positions available per litter but as we are dealing with Mother Nature, these numbers are subject to change,

There is no fee to be on the waitlist however priority is given in order of deposits received. Placing a deposit prior to birth is the best way to secure your choice of preferences. If no kitten is born that suits your choices you will be offered a refund or transfer to a different litter without losing your place.

Please refer to upcoming litters for information on colour and approximate birth date