Alkala Bengals Australia has a very successful event at the 2019 ANCATS Cat of the Year presentations. Awards won by the Alkala show team and progeny are as follows.
Bengal of the year: Bells

Alter Kitten of the year: 1st Alkala Blue Sapphire

                                          2nd Alkala Pharaoh Phoenix

Alter Cat of the Year:   3rd Alkala Blue Sapphire 

Entire Cat of the Year: 10th Bells 

Last but certainly not least, with the combined efforts of all the Alkala progeny getting shown last year I’m so very proud to announce that Alkala Bengals Australia was awarded the illustrious title of



Alkala Blue Sapphire with proud owner Nia on one of their very successful show days 

About Us


Experienced, ethical Breeders

Experienced, ethical Breeders

Experienced, ethical Breeders

 Firstly, let me introduce myself. I am Kate, principal breeder of Alkala Bengals Australia. Growing up on a dairy farm and having our own beef and sheep property, I’ve always had an affinity with animals. As a trained musician and educator, I spent over three years living in the UK and touring Europe and the United States as a soloist and group performer. My son and I are also keen horse riders and spend many weekends traveling to competitions.

The first time I saw a bengal, I knew I had found my calling. It was love at first sight. Since that moment I have worked tirelessly to develop Alkala Bengals Australia into the premier program it is today. With a focus on producing healthy, well conformed and beautiful progeny,  we have acquired an outstanding range of adults. 

My babies live as a part of the family rather then cattery cats. They enjoy their days lounging around their personal outdoor areas with pools, climbing apparatus and entertainment. Queens come inside every night to sleep in their personal apartments. Our kittens are NOT raised in a kitten room or kitten lounge but are raised under foot in our families lounge so they are well adjusted to family life when they are ready to fly the coop. I pride myself on producing loving and confident babies with the outstanding looks Alkala babies are known for. 

I hope you enjoy looking at my babies as much as I enjoy showing and telling you all about them!!

Choosing an Alkala Bengals Australia kitten is a choice for beauty, perfect temperament and a baby that has been lovingly raised as part of the family, not just a cattery. 

Registered with ANCATS & TICA




Adult breeders

Experienced, ethical Breeders

Experienced, ethical Breeders

Our breeders are selected from all areas of the globe. We select our breeders based on ideal conformation, markings, bloodlines and most importantly temperament. Our breeders are part of the family, fed only premium raw meat and dry food. They have a minimum of three health checks a year with our veterinarian, are genetically  tested to ensure they are in prime breeding condition and no known hereditary diseases are present. 


Selecting your kitten

Experienced, ethical Breeders

Selecting your kitten

Our kittens are handled from birth to ensure you receive a loving and well adjusted new family member. No one knows your kitten better then I do so I can assist in selecting the perfect temperament to suit your needs and lifestyle. Our kittens are NOT raised in a kitten room or lounge! They are raised in our families lounge room WITH the family!! They are exposed to all aspects of family life to ensure  you receive the most well adjusted  addition to your family and life.

Kittens remain with us until they reach a minimum 10 weeks of age. They receive 2 vaccinations, flea and parasite treatments at 3,5,7 and 10 weeks of age, neutered (if adopted as a pet), 3 health checks with our veterinarian and pedigree papers. They also leave us with 6 weeks pet insurance, a substantial kitten pack consisting of food, a handmade scratching post, bed blanket and toys to take with them the scent of home to assist with the transition. 

Breeder inquiries are more then welcome.


Frequently asked questions

Why choose an Alkala Bengals Australia kitten?

When you select an Alkala Bengals Australia kitten, you’re not just handed a cat and shown the door. I offer a lifetime of assistance to you, your family and your bengal. I devote an incredible amount of time and devotion into raising your baby from birth, ensuring their happiness, health and well being is always paramount. My adults are selected for genetic diversity, health and above all, temperament so we are consistently producing kittens that are not only beautiful and friendly, but genetically sound. We are instantly striving to contribute towards the betterment of the breed and thhas been highly demonstrated by our progeny’s success in the show rings and our ability to bring the most diverse colours and genetics in only a fraction of the time of other breeders. 

What is a bengals nature like?

Bengals are typically quite active cats that enjoy mental and physical stimulation. Bengal cats thrive in an environment where they need to think, problem solve and be a high standing member of the family. They love to be included in your day to day activities. They can and do learn, walk on a harness and lead and most enjoy the diversity of visiting new places. As all animals, some enjoy to be a lap cat and some do not however when you gain the love and respect from your bengal you’re guaranteed a loyal friend for life. 

Lifespan & Health:

Bengals generally live for approximately 12-18 years. As with all animals this is usually determined by general health, vet care and nutrition. Bengals can be affected by HCM, PKD, & PRA in regards to hereditary diseases. All of your adults are tested as non carriers for these issues so we are unable to produce any inflicted progeny. 

Do Bengal cat require special care?

As a general rule no, they do not require any special care different to other breeds. A diet consisting or raw meat, high quality dry food, plenty of fresh water and chicken necks or dental biscuits to help with teeth is the best way to care for your bengal cat. Regular vet check ups and vaccinations are recommended as with all breeds. 

How much does a kitten cost?

Our prices vary depending on the quality of the kitten. Desexed pet prices from $1300-$2000

Show quality alter $1800-$2500

Entire breeder $3000 and upwards

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Litter Inquiries

Reserve Your New Friend!

Our babies are adopted very quickly and a wait list is in place. Please contact me ASAP when deciding on an Alkala Bengals Australia kitten to ensure your preferences of colour, sex etc can be provided

Alkala Bengals Australia

Tarrone Victoria 3283, Australia

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